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8 Days
October 2024
(Dates announced in early 2024)

Unveiling the Colours
of Devotion

Journey into the Phuket Vegetarian Festival

October 2024

Location: Phuket  
Available seats: 6/6

Difficulty level: Hard

from $3700 USD per person
(based on sharing - private rooms are extra)
$925 USD Deposit
(full payment is required 30 days prior to the tour start date)

Due to the additional risks associated with this workshop - loud firecrackers, smoke, and reduced vision, we will have limited time and opportunities for teaching. As a result, we have decided to make this workshop available exclusively to advanced or professional photographers. We want to ensure that participants have the necessary skills and experience to navigate the challenges and make the most of the photography opportunities presented during the workshop.

Professional photography Instructor and Thai tour guide.

All transportation with professional drivers.

All accommodations in 3 or 4 Star properties and local homestays

All meals *unless otherwise stated in the program
All National Park and attraction tickets

Not included:
Gratuities for Thai tour guides and drivers.
Travel services required arriving and departing at and from our starting location of Phuket (HKT) airport.

Travel insurance, taxes, levies, immigration, duty and visa fees where applicable.
Personal items, including alcoholic beverages, snacks, or souvenirs.

please note: Itinerary is subject to change and below is only a guide,
your flexibility will ensure an optimal experience.

Day 1 - Arrival Phuket

Upon arrival in Phuket, you will be transferred to your hotel. In the evening, we will have a welcome briefing and orientation about the Nine Emperor Gods Festival. Explore the local area and capture the festive atmosphere as the preparations for the upcoming celebrations begin.

phuket vegetarian festival 2023
Day 2 - Phuket Town Exploration - Cultural Immersion

Today, we will delve into Phuket Town's vibrant streets adorned with festival decorations. Photograph the colorful rituals and street scenes as devotees prepare for the festivities. Visit local temples and document the intricate vegetarian food offerings. In the evening, participate in a photography session of street procession rehearsals.

phuket vegetarian festival 2023
Day 3 - Takua Pa - The Quieter Side of the Festival

We will travel to Takua Pa in Phang Nga province, known for its traditional and quieter celebrations. Experience the more intimate side of the festival, capturing the local customs and ceremonies. Photograph the devotees' deep devotion and their active participation in vegetarian rituals.

phuket vegetarian festival 2023
Day 4 - Phuket Street Procession - A Burst of Colors

Witness and photograph the lively street procession in Phuket Town. Capture the devotees dressed in white, carrying incense and offerings as they move through the streets. Focus on documenting the vibrant floats, lion dances, and traditional performances. Attend the fire walking ceremony and capture the dramatic moments.

phuket vegetarian festival 2023
Day 5 - Fire walking - Courage and Devotion

Fire Walking - Courage and Devotion Embark on a journey to witness and document the ancient and mesmerising ritual of fire walking. Join us as we capture the awe-inspiring acts of courage and devotion displayed by devoted individuals walking over burning coals. Through your lens, focus on capturing the fearless determination, intense emotions, and powerful expressions of the participants. This extraordinary spectacle will leave you in awe of their unwavering faith and commitment. As we explore the fire walking ceremony, you'll also have the chance to discover other fascinating photography opportunities in the vibrant surroundings of Phuket.

phuket vegetarian festival 2023
Day 6-Final Ceremony in Phuket Town - Midnight Awakening

Capture the anticipation and excitement leading up to the final ceremony. Document the grandeur of the midnight procession through the streets of Phuket Town, filled with majestic lanterns, incense, and firecrackers. Use your photography skills to capture the climax of the festival at midnight, when the atmosphere is at its most captivating.

phuket vegetarian festival 2023
Day 7 - Farewell and Reflection

Enjoy a late breakfast and engage in a group discussion, reflecting on the experiences and memories of the festival. Review and share your favourite photographs from the festival with the group. In the evening, we will have a farewell dinner to celebrate the shared experiences.

phuket vegetarian festival 2023
Day 8 - Departure Phuket

Guests will depart at their convenience on Day 8, bringing with them a wealth of captured moments and cherished memories.

phuket vegetarian festival 2023
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