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March 17th - 26th, 2024

Tropical Tapestery

Thailand's Southern Colours
Phuket to Phatthalung

March 17-26, 2024

Location: Southern Thailand

Available seats: 6/6

Difficulty level: Easy

from $4200 USD per person
(based on sharing - private rooms are extra)
$1050 USD Deposit
(full payment is required 30
days prior to the tour start date)

Arrival: Phuket, Thailand (HKT)
Sunday, February 17 - No later than 1:00 pm

Departure: Phuket, Thailand (HKT)

Tuesday, March 26 - Anytime

Professional photography Instructor and Thai tour guide.

All transportation with professional drivers.

All accommodations in 3 or 4 Star properties and local homestays

All meals *unless otherwise stated in the program
All National Park and attraction tickets

Not included:
Gratuities for Thai tour guides and drivers.
Travel services required arriving and departing at and from our starting location of Phuket (HKT) airport.

Travel insurance, taxes, levies, immigration, duty and visa fees where applicable.
Personal items, including alcoholic beverages, snacks, or souvenirs.

please note: Itinerary is subject to change and below is only a guide,
your flexibility will ensure an optimal experience.

Day 1 - Arrival Phuket and Orientation

Welcome to Phuket, Thailand, the pearl of the Andaman. Today marks the beginning of your exciting Shutterscape journey, where you will have 12 days to capture and immerse yourself in the breathtaking region of Southern Thailand. Upon your arrival at Phuket International Airport, our team will be ready to transfer you to your accommodation for the evening. We recommend scheduling your flight to arrive before 3 pm, allowing you some time to relax before our much-anticipated welcome dinner at 6:00 pm. This special evening will be hosted by Kolin and Kee, your photography leader and Thai guide for the trip, as well as your fellow photography enthusiasts who will join you in discovering the unique charm of this part of the world. During the dinner, we will discuss the program in detail, ensuring you know what to expect, and provide an opportunity for any questions you may have. After a delightful dinner, around 9:00 pm, you can retire to your room and enjoy a restful night's sleep, rejuvenating yourself for the adventures that await you tomorrow.

Tropical Tapestry Photography | Phuket Photography Tours

Our second day has us on an adventure that unveils the island's rich history and cultural treasures. Our journey commences with an exploration of Phuket Town, immersing ourselves in its vibrant heritage. Prepare for an early start as we capture the lively atmosphere of the morning market, where colourful stalls offer a glimpse into the local way of life. Next, we'll delve into Phuket's cultural tapestry by visiting both Chinese and Buddhist temples. These sacred sites provide insights into the cultural influences that have shaped Phuket's unique identity over the years. Marvel at the intricate architecture, ornate decorations, and serene ambience as we deepen our understanding of the island's heritage. As the day unfolds, we'll make our way to a stunning beach, eagerly anticipating the opportunity to capture the vibrant colors of a breathtaking sunset. With the golden hues illuminating the sky, we'll strive to immortalize this magical moment through our lenses. After bidding farewell to the sunset, we'll retreat to our accommodation, allowing for a well-deserved rest before our exploration of the wider wonders of Southern Thailand begins.

Day 2 - Phuket
Tropical Tapestry Photography | Phuket Photography Tours
Day 3 - Ko Panyi

Set sail from Phuket through mesmerizing waters of Phang Nga Bay. Capture majestic limestone karsts rising from the azure sea, painting a visual symphony of colors with light and shadow. Lens drawn to picturesque Ko Panyi island, its pristine beaches framed by palm trees, and vibrant longtail boats dotting the tranquil bay. Enjoy a stop for a delicious lunch on Kho Yao Noi, adding a culinary adventure to our photography journey. Arriving at Ko Panyi in the afternoon, immerse in local culture, documenting the floating village's vibrant houses, wooden walkways, and rich traditions. Settle into a comfortable homestay, surrounded by the village's tranquility, for reflection and rejuvenation. Awake to gentle sounds, engage with locals, capturing bustling fish market and traditional crafts, documenting vibrant tapestry of village life. Ko Panyi offers a blend of natural beauty and cultural immersion, preserving the essence of Phang Nga Bay through interplay of land, sea, tradition, and innovation.


Leaving the island of Ko Panyi, we'll venture into the heart of Over the upcoming days, our itinerary will be filled with exploration and discovery. We will venture to stunning waterfalls, chase breathtaking sunrises at Thale Noi, where thousands of royal lotus and magnificent birds await us. Additionally, we will visit Songkhla Lake, where we can catch glimpses of the traditional Chinese fishing nets situated at the mouth of the lake. On our last morning, we will immerse ourselves in the vibrant atmosphere of local markets, absorbing the rich local cultures that define this captivating region of Thailand.

Day 4-5 -  Phattalung & Thale Noi
Tropical Tapestry03
Day 6 - Phattalung Mountains

Today, we bid farewell to the Thale Noi and make our way toward the majestic mountains that separate Trang and Phattalung. Our destination for the night is a charming local homestay, nestled amidst this remarkable setting. This location holds a special allure for several reasons, but none compare to its breathtaking sunrises. Tomorrow, as we wake up, we will have the incredible opportunity to witness the sun ascend over a vast valley blanketed in clouds. While savouring our morning coffee or tea, we'll be captivated by the sheer natural splendour that unfolds before our eyes.

Southern Symphony03
Day 7-8 - Kho Muk

Travel by ferry to Ko Mook, a tropical paradise. Explore the island's stunning beaches, limestone cliffs, and hidden caves. Use your photography skills to capture the beauty of the Emerald Cave, with its turquoise waters and dramatic entrance. Take advantage of the golden hour to photograph the island's landscapes and capture the interplay between light and shadow. Continue your photography exploration of Ko Mook the next day. Focus on capturing the essence of island life, from the vibrant marine ecosystem to the local fishing communities. Experiment with underwater photography to document the colourful coral reefs and the diverse marine life that calls this island home.

Tropical Tapestry 11
Day 9 - Return to Phuket

Drive back to Phuket and check into your hotel. In the evening, head to one of Phuket's scenic viewpoints to capture the breathtaking sunset over the Andaman Sea. Experiment with different settings and compositions. In the evening, enjoy a farewell dinner at a local restaurant, where you can reminisce about your photography tour and share your favourite shots with fellow travellers.

Tropical Tapestry Photography | Phuket Photography Tours
Day 10 - Departure Phuket

Today, we bid farewell to Khao Sok as we embark on a three-hour drive back to Phuket. Upon arrival, we will check into our hotel and make the most of our remaining afternoon by capturing the enchanting sunset through our lenses. Later in the evening, we will gather for a heartfelt farewell dinner, where we will reflect upon our remarkable photography journey together, reminiscing about the precious moments and experiences we have shared.

Tropical Tapestry Photography | Phuket Photography Tours
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