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10 Days
February 18th - 27th, 2023

Timeless Treasures

A Photographic Voyage through Ayutthaya, Kanchanaburi, Samut Sakhon and Bangkok.

February 18-27, 2024

Location: Central Thailand

Available seats: 6/6

Difficulty level: Easy

from $4200 USD per person
(based on sharing - private rooms are extra)
$1000 USD Deposit
(full payment is required 30
days prior to the tour start date)

Arrival: Bangkok Thailand
Sunday, February 18th- No later than 1:00 pm

Departure: Bangkok Thailand

Tuesday, February 27th  - Anytime

Professional photography Instructor and Thai tour guide.

All transportation with professional drivers.

All accommodations in 3 or 4 Star properties and local homestay

All meals *unless otherwise stated in the program
All National Park and attraction tickets

Not included:
Gratuities for Thai tour guides and drivers.
Travel services required arriving and departing at and from our starting location of Bangkok airport.

Travel insurance, taxes, levies, immigration, duty and visa fees where applicable.
Personal items, including alcoholic beverages, snacks, or souvenirs.

please note: Itinerary is subject to change and below is only a guide,
your flexibility will ensure an optimal experience.

Day 1-3 - Ayutthaya

Set off in the afternoon from Bangkok to Ayutthaya. Upon arrival, relax before we enjoy a delightful dinner and an orientation getting familiar with the historical city. The night is spent in Ayutthaya, preparing for an adventure-filled exploration. Day 2: Ayutthaya The second day is dedicated to discovering the ancient temples and ruins of Ayutthaya. Visit renowned sites such as Wat Mahathat, Wat Ratchaburana, and Wat Chaiwatthanaram, capturing the architectural marvels and historical significance through their lenses. Each photograph encapsulates the grandeur of Ayutthaya's past. Retire for the night, still enchanted by the city's allure. Day 3: Ayutthaya exploration Seek out lesser-known temples, unearthing hidden treasures and capturing unique photography moments. The sunset paints a captivating scene at Ayutthaya Historical Park, offering an ideal backdrop for picturesque shots. The day ends with a sense of fulfillment, as Ayutthaya's rich history and beauty unfold.

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Day 4-5 - Erawan National Park (Kanchanaburi)

Ayutthaya to Erawan National Park (Kanchanaburi) Journeying from Ayutthaya to Erawan National Park, the travelers embrace the scenic route. En route, they pause at temples and the iconic Bridge over the River Kwai, seizing the opportunity to photograph cultural landmarks and breathtaking landscapes. The overnight stay near Erawan National Park promises an encounter with nature's splendor. Day 5: Erawan National Park The day begins with a mesmerizing exploration of the seven-tiered Erawan Waterfall. Immersed in nature's embrace, the group captures the stunning beauty of cascading waters, each tier offering a unique photo opportunity. As they hike to different levels of the waterfall, their lenses encapsulate the essence of Erawan's natural wonders. Another night near the national park awaits.

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Day 6 - Floating Market

Erawan National Park to Samut Sakhon Leaving Erawan National Park behind, the journey continues to Samut Sakhon. Upon arrival in the afternoon, the group discovers a lively floating market, a haven for vibrant colors and bustling market scenes. The camera lenses dance with excitement, capturing the essence of the floating market's unique charm. They settle for the night near this enchanting sight.

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Day 7-9 - Bangkok

The morning brings another opportunity to visit a floating market, capture the vibrant ambiance and vibrant produce. Explore the fascinating Maeklong Railway Market, anticipating the remarkable transformation when the train passes through. In the afternoon, board the train from Samut Sakhon to return to Bangkok. Night photography in Chinatown. Day 8: Bangkok The group dedicates the day to exploring the diverse neighborhoods and attractions that grace Bangkok. From the iconic Grand Palace and Wat Arun to the revered Wat Phra Kaew, each location offers intricate architecture and cultural beauty to capture. The city unfolds its vibrant tapestry, captivating the lenses at every turn. Retire for the night, cherishing the memories made in Bangkok. Day 9: Bangkok The exploration of Bangkok continues, revealing the bustling street scenes and dynamic markets that define the city's charm. Seek out unique sites such as Lunpini park or the vibrant street markets, where each frame tells a vivid story. In the evening, a farewell dinner celebrates the conclusion of the tour, offering a moment to reflect on the remarkable experiences shared. They rest for the night, their hearts full of appreciation.

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Day 10 - Departure Bangkok

Departure With the tour coming to an end, the guests savor a final breakfast before bidding farewell to Bangkok. Some depart for the airport, while others embark on their next destination, carrying with them the cherished memories and an abundance of captivating photographs that encapsulate the beauty of their journey through Ayutthaya, Erawan National Park, Samut Sakhon, and the vibrant streets of Bangkok.

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