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Thalang - North

Thep Krasattri, Si Sunthon, Choeng Thale, Pa Khlok, Mai Khao, and Sakhu

The Thalang District in Phuket is a picturesque region full of rich history and natural beauty. The district is bordered by Mueang Phuket and Kathu to the south, while Takua Thung of Phang Nga province lies to the north across the Pak Prah Strait. One of the highlights of Thalang District is the Khao Phra Thaeo Non-hunting Area, which encompasses over 20 km2 of lush rainforest. This protected reserve boasts three prominent peaks: Khao Prathiu, Khao Bang Pae, and Khao Phara. Additionally, the district is home to Sirinat National Park, established in 1981 to preserve the area's natural wonders, including the nesting grounds of sea turtles at Nai Yang Beach. Thalang District also honours its local heroines, Thao Thep Krasattri and Thao Si Sunthon, at the Heroines Monument. These courageous women played a pivotal role in driving away the Burmese army during the siege of Thalang. Phuket International Airport is conveniently located within Thalang District, and Highway 402, which stretches from the Sarasin Bridge to Phuket city, serves as the main road. The district is comprised of six diverse subdistricts: Thep Krasattri, Si Sunthon, Choeng Thale, Pa Khlok, Mai Khao, and Sakhu.


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