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Local Charities

With your support!

Phuket Photography Tours will be donating a portion of our proceeds and our time to our incredible local charities. During our trips we will share stories with our guests about how their support of our tours pays it forward to help projects around Phuket, giving brighter futures to those in need. 

GRP Logo

"We are on a huge mission to return Thailand's most intelligent wildlife species, gibbon, back to where it was previously poached to extinction".

SOC Phuket Logo

Seeds of Change is a charity project, founded in 2013 by
SO 'n SO Gals Phuket. Using upcycled, donated or repurposed fabrics we started out by teaching pregnant women (migrant workers) how to sew simple items for themselves and their soon-to-be-born babies.


Bodhi Dog Rescue and Shelter

Dog rescue and shelter for sick, neglected, wounded and abused animals in Phuket. Once healthy, they are available for adoption, so we can rescue more. They also have a community outreach service for people without the resources to take care of their animals.

Phuket has been good to us Logo

Phuket Has Been Good To Us Foundation was pioneered by Tom McNamara in 2005, a year following the 2004 Asian Tsunami. Mr. McNamara was a caring local restaurateur who went to the local Thai community after the tsunami, asking how he could help them recuperate their losses from the devastation.

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