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Photographer & Videographer

Property, Lifestyle, Superyacht, Commercial


Introducing Narong Rattanaya, also known as Jimmy, a highly skilled photographer and videographer who has dedicated himself to perfecting his craft since 2010. With an impressive portfolio and extensive experience, Jimmy has earned the trust of prestigious organizations like National Geographic and five star hotel brands. His unique talent lies in capturing genuine moments, utilizing natural light to produce breathtaking photographs. Initially focused on interior and exterior photography, Jimmy has expanded his expertise to include collaborating with luxurious hotels in Phuket and around the world. Moreover, his services are in high demand for capturing the elegance of yachts, superyachts, and megayachts in various stunning locations across Asia and beyond. Jimmy's commercial photography reflects a sophisticated, opulent, and refined creative style, resulting in truly unforgettable images. Working with him on location is a delight, as he ensures projects are completed on schedule and within budget, thanks to his exceptional team and top-of-the-line equipment.

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