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Phuket Day Tour

Andaman Sunrise
October - April

Landscape Photography

4:00 - 5:00 am

Location: Phuket & Phang Nga

Up to six guests

Difficulty level: Easy

9-10 hours Prices starting from
$550 USD Solo Guest
$275 pp 1 - 2 guests
  pp 2 - 4 guests
  pp 4 - 6 guests

Please contact us for availability and more details

Professional photography instructor, Local Thai guide, transportation within Phuket, Longtail boat tour, National Park Fees, Breakfast, drinking water.

Not included:
Gratuities for Thai tour guides and drivers.

Travel insurance, taxes, levies, immigration, duty and visa fees where applicable.
Personal items, including alcoholic beverages, snacks, or souvenirs.

Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is the art of capturing the beauty and essence of natural landscapes, emphasizing wide-ranging vistas and scenic locations. It aims to convey the grandeur and unique characteristics of the environment through composition, lighting, and timing.

Join us on an extraordinary tour that promises a once-in-a-lifetime experience of witnessing a breathtaking sunrise on the Andaman Sea, all while comfortably aboard a traditional long-tail boat. We embark on this journey before daybreak, departing from the east coast of Phuket between 5-6 am. Our first destination awaits, and if fortune smiles upon us, we will be greeted by a mesmerizing sunrise that sets the tone for an adventurous day of photography.

Following our initial photography session, we will explore either a pristine sand bar or a small island in Phang Nga Bay, depending on the tide schedule. These locations boast awe-inspiring viewpoints, offering panoramic vistas of some of the most magnificent scenery in the Kingdom of Thailand. Please note that reaching the viewpoint requires a 15-20 minute climb through the jungle, guided by ropes and navigating over roots and rocks. For this hike, it is essential to wear closed-toe shoes or sports sandals and possess a moderate level of physical fitness. However, if climbing is not your preference, fear not! The stunning shoreline surrounding the area will provide ample opportunities to enjoy the picturesque beauty while others venture upwards.

Upon returning from the viewpoint, we will make our way to a local restaurant on Koh Yao Noi, where a delicious breakfast will be served around 9:30 am. With newfound energy, we will reboard our boat and leisurely continue our journey north for the next three hours, always on the lookout for prime photographic opportunities.

Around 12:30 pm, we will commence our return journey to Phuket, during which you can unwind and reflect upon the day's incredible encounters. Enjoy a refreshing beverage while sharing your favorite images with fellow participants, creating lasting memories. The tour concludes with your transfer back to your hotel, scheduled for approximately 2:00 pm.

Don't miss this chance to capture an unforgettable sunrise, explore stunning locations, and immerse yourself in the beauty of Thailand's coastal wonders. Join us on this remarkable adventure for a day filled with extraordinary photography opportunities.

please note: Itinerary is subject to change and below is only a guide,
your flexibility will ensure an optimal experience.

4-5 am:
Hotel pickup


5-6 am:
Departure from the east coast of Phuket, before daybreak


Capture the breathtaking sunrise on the Andaman Sea from the traditional long-tail boat

After sunrise:

Engage in an initial photography session

Explore a pristine sand bar or a small island in Phang Nga Bay, depending on the tide schedule

Embark on a 15-20 minute jungle climb to reach a mesmerizing viewpoint
(closed-toe shoes or sports sandals required)

Alternatively, enjoy the stunning shoreline while others venture to the viewpoint

9:30 am

Visit a local restaurant on Koh Yao Noi for a delicious breakfast

After breakfast:

Board the boat and continue the journey north

Keep an eye out for prime photographic opportunities for the next few hours

12:30 pm

Begin the return journey to Phuket

During the return journey:

Relax, unwind, and reflect on the day's encounters

Share your favourite images with fellow participants while enjoying a refreshing beverage

2:00 pm

Transfer back to your hotel, concluding the tour.

Things to bring

Camera recommendations:

  • Point and shoot with manual settings or Mirrorless or DSLR

  • Wide angle lens

  • Zoom Lens

  • Lens filters (CPL Circular Polarizer, ND Neutral Density Filter)

  • Fully charged battery and spare

  • Tripod

Items to make your trip comfortable:

  • Reusable drinking bottle for filtered water

  • Sunglasses

  • Sunscreen

  • Hat

  • Towel

  • Drybag

  • Long sleeve shirt to protect from the intense sun on the water

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